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Every Lateral in Dane County gets a new Connection using the LMK Lined Main Tap™

By: Written By Kristina and Larry Kiest – 02 / 2011

Dane County Contracting recently completed a sewer rehab project for Dane County, Wisconsin that included sewer mains, service laterals, and other types of work. Due to the condition of the laterals, the owner specified the lateral pipes to be replaced through conventional excavation. However, they quickly recognized the challenge to effectively connect and seal the new lateral pipe directly to the main pipe ­­liner for a structural and leak free main lateral connection. Connecting the new lateral pipe to the old main pipe is problematic because leakage can still occur due to the condition of the old main.

Through industry research Dane County found LMK’s Lined Main Tap™ ™ (LMT™) Process; a system for restoring the main lateral connection by connecting the new lateral pipe directly to the main pipe-liner for a structural and verifiable non-leaking connection.

There were 102 total installations LMT™ in Dane County. Dane County Contracting confirmed that the every single installation was flawless and provided a structural leak-free connection.

The foreman with Dane County Contracting, Scott Canon, commented on the success of the LMT™, “Installations were much easier than expected and we would use it [LMT™] again. I would recommend the use of LMK’s LMT™ for this kind of project.” The LMT™ is designed to effectively connect and seal a lateral sewer pipe to a main sewer which has been lined with CIPP or folded plastic liners.

The process is simple: The mainline liner is exposed, the surface is prepared, and the underwater curing adhesive is applied to the LMT™ saddle. It is then bonded to the new main liner providing new lateral tap. The new pipe extending from the LMT™ is connected to the lateral pipe and secured using non-shear couplings. The saddle covers more than 180 degrees of the pipe forming a structural new connection. The end result of the installation is a new lateral tap that does not protrude into the main pipe, is compatible with all pipe types, and connects the lateral pipe directly to the main liner ensuring a new long-term effective main/lateral connection.