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Lateral T-Liner®: LMK Awarded Patent for Lateral Identification

By: LMK Enterprises – 12 / 2007

December 11, 2007 US Patent No. 7,306,011 Entitled "Apparatus and Method For Lateral Pipe Identification" Issues. This patent teaches a method of identifying a lateral pipe by marking the new CIPP lining with identifying indicia. The mark identifies the lateral by marking the building address on the lining to which the lateral pipe provides service. Additional markings identify the product such as "T-Liner®", name of Installation Company, Date of Manufacturer and a Manufacturing Code. The manufacturing code includes a batch number and detailed information from every component used to manufacture the lining assembly/resin and catalyst system, thus providing the highest quality material control available in today's CIPP lateral lining systems. Other patents for the technology are still pending.