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    Insignia™ Gasket Seals

    Insignia seals were developed to address the fact that CIPP does not bond due to incompatibility of materials, shrinking of resins and the difficulties of bonding to a contaminated sewer pipe. An annular space is almost always formed between the CIPP liner and the host pipe. The annular space and lack of long-term bonding is resolved by placing Insignia gaskets between the host pipe and the CIPP lining. The gaskets are available as an End Seal, O-Ring or Connection Hat.

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    Cured in-place lateral connection sealing solutions; we don’t just meet the standards, we set them. Click here to learn more about ASTM 2561-11 and T-Liner® products.

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    PowerCure™ Mini Steamer

    It’s truly revolutionary. The PowerCure™ Mini Steamer speeds up production three fold. just hook up the remote to the launch tank, and steam liners with precision, agility, and speed.

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  • Full Equipment Packages for Contractors

    Full Equipment Packages
    for Contractors

    • Turn-Key Wet Out Trailers
    • Custom Installation Equipment
    • In-House and On-Site Training
    • 24/7 Technical Support
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  • Schwalm Robot

    Schwalm Robotics

    The most powerful and versatile sewer robot in America.

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What is CIPP?

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